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Biography of contact teachers

This section contains the biography of the sunday class teachers

  • Danielle Beaudet Bio

    (VFR) Danielle Beaudet

    [Danielle Beaudet est une artiste interdisciplinaire.
    Elle fait ses études secondaires en ballet classique à…

  • (VFR) Sylvia Berlin

    C’est au cours de l’année 1982 que j’ai fait à Berlin la découverte de la Danse Contact-Improvisation. Depuis, j’ai…

  • Maryse Damecour

    Credit Émilie Dumais
    Passionate about the movement for over ten years, Maryse freely mixes the study of body…

  • Leyla Demir

    [Leyla is a Holistic Life Coach working primarily with somatic principles one-on-one with clients in her…

  • 3

    (VFR) Nicoletta Dolce

    [Nicoletta vit à Montréal où elle suit un double parcours : elle enseigne la poésie à l’Université de Montréal et…

  • Nina Galéa

    Nina Galea

    [Nina has been teaching contemporary dance and various forms of improvisation for over 35 years. She built the…

  • Stéphanie Gaudreau

    (VFR) Stéphanie Gaudreau

    [Community instigator, educator in Contact Improvisation and somatic approaches, founding member of the…

  • Andrew Harwood

    Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood (Montreal, CA.)

    is renowned as a leading light in the field of dance improvisation. He is an internationally recognized…

  • Kelly Keenan

    [Kelly is a Montreal-based dance artist and teacher. Her fascination of the perceptive capacity of the body…

  • Catherine Fabiola Lessard

    Credit photo : Benoît Guillemette
    Catherine Fabiola Lessard transmits with passion and coherence the key…

  • Kinga Michalska

    Credit : Brooks Yardley
    [KINGA : I’m a contact improv dancer, visual artist and a feminist activist. I have…

  • Bronwen Moen

    Bronwen Moen

    [Bronwen, originally from British Columbia, now lives in Montreal where she recently completed an MFA in…

  • Vincent-Nicolas Provencher

    Contemporary dancer,[ Vincent-Nicolas is particulary intyereted by the partnering work. He completed a DEC in…

  • (VFR) Isaac Savoie

    [Isaac débute ses études en danse improvisation en 1988 avec Louis Guillemette. Il fait ensuite partie de la…

  • Manuel Shannon Shink

    [Manuel Shannon Shink (he, they) : Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in choreography, a DEC in contemporary dance…

  • (VFR) Philip Shinnick

    [Philip est directeur artistique de Lab Atelier, artiste en art visuel et danseur de contact improvisation….

  • Jori

    Jori Snell

    [Jori : is a physical performing-and visual artist from Holland/Denmark (1972). Educated at Institutet för…

  • Eryn Dace Trudell

    Eryn Dace Trudell

    [Eryn is a dance artist: producer, presenter, choreographer, performer and teacher, originally from Ontario…

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