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Hosted by Lou Poirier and Stéphanie Gaudreau
August 19, 2014 – August 22, 2014 \br|
in Eastern Township

Salut! Teachers and experienced contact improvisation dancers !

TDR is an international meeting of « contacters » inspired from meetings of the kind that have been happening since the ’80 in various places in Europe and USA
(Ponderosa, Allemagne / Earthdance, Massachussetts)

This year, a first meeting is happening in Québec, in Eastern townships, Quebec.
Interested in joining in? Reserve your dates : August 19th to 22nd, 2014
followed by a Jam/Potluck August 22nd to 24 th, 2014.

Registrations :
Participation fees for TDR 2014 :
  1. 150$ (TDR only) if paid before July 11th. 175$ if paid after
  2. 260$ (inclued TDR, food and camping) if paid before July 11th. 285$ If paid after July 11th

You can also reserve a spot in the dormitory (additionnal cost 5$/ day).

Jam/Potluck August 22nd to 24th , 2014 only 50$
30$ for TDR participants
More details to come!

Please write your infos to receive more details about this great event : 450-539-1085

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We want to make this event an opportunity to deepen our contact improvisation practice. We hope this retreat will inspire our practices by sharing our skills, allowing us to learn, exchange and feed our dances. Our focus will be on creative practices and innovative tendances in teachings, researchs and performance.

TDR will have its own flavor! Which is to be revealed as we go since the project
emerges. Your hosts will suggest you a flexible work frame that will be adapted to the group’s wants and needs ». Various explorative formats will take place.

Some of our explorative plateforms (Detailed programmation to come in June/July):
- Research scores and study lab
- Jam
- Talk/ Discussions
- Lectures and demonstration
- Vidéo/presentation of work
- Co-teaching

Forward to seeing you at TDR !
Lou and Stephanie

Credits : Andre Blanchet

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Biography of LOU :
Lou Poirier discovered Contact improvisation while living in Europe. She
has since investigated this practice by intensively studying movement
motor principles and fonctional anatomy thru Axis syllabus and various
pratices of somatic movement approaches such as Feldenkrais, BMC© and Pilates… as well as a lot of fun and playfull sessions!
She studied at « Bewegungs-Art schule » in Freiburg, Germany,
where she dug into Improvisation skills, dance and performance.
Forever a student, she is constantly looking to deepen the sources of
learning and does not miss a chance to perform, jam, teach and study,
as she did in the past, with various artists in America and Europe.
She is currently living in New Brunswick with a foot in Montreal. She teaches movement from physical theater to dance and CI related trainings to various public, from teens to adults of all ages, dancers and non-dancers. The combination of technics and state of mind-body is her main focus: fine tuning the body according to the laws of physics meanwhile training the awareness of inner pulses, diving in playfull kinetic conversations and engaging in the quest for a quality of presence specific to improvisation.

Biography de Stephanie

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